(photo above: Camera Toss Self-Portrait--yes the camera was thrown into the air)


Science is my vocation. Photography is my passion.  

I have been fascinated by photography since I was a young child.  I’m fascinated by the ability to look into the past and see how people and places change over time.  I’m fascinated to see places around the world that I could never go.  I’m fascinated to see the very small, the immensely distant, the invisible, and to see events too ephemeral for the human eye.  I’m also fascinated by the ability of photography to force me to see the ordinary from a new perspectives.

 In graduate school I studied organic photochemistry and did X-ray crystallography, a kind of X-ray photography which allows us to see the structure of molecules. After earning a PhD,  I took a job at Polaroid in R&D because I saw the potential for digital photography (back when 0.3 megapixels was about as good as it got).  I then went on to work at Iris Graphics and developed Iris Equipoise ink, the first large-gamut light-fast ink for Fine Art Giclée (a fancy French word for ink-jet) prints.  I now work at Duracell designing materials and components for batteries (some of which I use in my camera flashes).  

As in my science work, I do a lot of experimenting with photographic methods.  I tinker with lenses and lighting, and create things that can only be called gizmos.  I also tinker with techniques, from flying cameras in kites and throwing cameras in the air (and catching them), changing focus during exposure, and intentionally jiggling the camera to get just the right non-photographic effect. 

I currently take about 75,000 photos a year.  Many of them are stars (as in points of light in the night sky, not movie stars), blurry photos from my sons’ sporting events (they move really fast), flowers (particularly iris) and plants.  I do take portraits, but you never know what you are going to get with a portrait from me (they might be intentionally blurry).  Only about 5% of my photos make it someplace where people (other than me) can see them and I hope enjoy them.

   If you are interested in any of my photos for commercial use  please contact me using the contact link on this webpage.


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